Gift Vouchers

Choosing to help someone make a difference in their lives is a gift not only to them, but also yourself. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving!


Life Coaching

This special life coaching session is aimed at unlocking an area of your life that you feel may be holding you back from the world experiencing the best you! You will receive an opportunity to explore these issues in a safe, judgement free zone with a coach that is totally committed to guiding you and helping you find your answers!

1 x 1.5hr session: $150 


Reiki Healing

Great for those new to the experience, with a Level One practitioner, use of cyrstals and pendulums. Allow an hour for an overview, healing and discussion afterwards. 

1 x 1hr session: $40


Numerology Profile

Unlock the mysteries of your life with the science of numbers. A profile is a gift for life as it offers insight into what your heart desire and ideal partner is, your best vocation and how you can align your life with your deepest soul needs. Hand written (not computer generated), a 20+ page report.

Profile: $90


Tarot - Personal Readings and Parties

Tarot conncets to a deeper Universal energy that can unveil hidden insights, influences and meanings in your life. It can answer questions, provide advice and counsel you on possible actions to consider. 

Personal Reading, up to 1.5hr: $60

Tarot Party, up to 6 people, $20 each


Financial Coaching

This financial coaching session is designed to give you an overview of your current situation and the possible directions you can take; taking into account your values and lifetime goals.

1 x 1 hr coaching consultation: $100


Meditation Coaching

This meditation session is designed to coach you in the best form of meditation techniques specific to you. As part of the 1 hour session, you will enjoy a 20 minute guided meditation, followed by an analysis of your requirements and commitment.

1 x 1hr meditation session: $80


Fitness Coaching

This special coaching gift comprises 3 sessions:

  • Assessment of goals, desired outcomes, basic levels of health and nutrition
  • A one hour outdoors fitness session, designed to meet your interest and fitness level
  • A half hour fitness session, followed by a reassessment of development of goals and actions to keep moving forward 

Blaze Coaching also recommends a simple, yet highly effective and affordable tool to help you stay on track with your goals by using the Super Vitality Health & Fitness Journal .  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner wanting to shape up or a seasoned athlete wanting to win an event, the Super Vitality Health & Fitness Journal has the flexibility to support your efforts.

  • All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • All vouchers are for individual sessions only, that is they are not suitable for group participation
  • To purchase a Gift Voucher, please email your request