Where it all started

What is life coaching? - now there's an interesting question!

At some point in all our lives we all need a little help to stay focused on what really matters. Everyone has the answers inside them - your life coach is here to offer a safe, judgement free space for you to explore and discover the keys to unlocking your potential to action being the best you!

Where it all started

The concept of Blaze Coaching began when as a sales and marketing manager, Amanda Lee was working in various corporate environments that accepted poor strategy, poor performance and poor communication because 'that’s how it’s always been' and 'that’s just the type of person they are'.

Amanda witnessed professionals that were technically brilliant but struggled with the soft skills, such as:

  • developing and maintaining client relationships
  • poor interpersonal skills
  • damaging managerial aptitude.

This resulted in a lack of confidence across a wide range of areas and people generally believing they couldn’t make a real difference. The wider impact was that there were many unhappy and discouraged people sharing similar frustrations in a workplace that wasn’t making the most of it’s #1 asset - it’s people!

Amanda realised that by:

  • building confidence in leaders to challenge the status quo
  • delivering honest and open communication
  • finding creative ways to do these things

easily resulted in some fundamental changes that benefited everyone.

Challenging these limiting beliefs both from an organisational and individual level and helping people believe that they have the enormous potential of contribution is a powerful key in unlocking and embedding:

  • Increased individual performance and initiative
  • Organisational financial improvement
  • Employee happiness
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Motivation

Living in a rural area, Amanda was keen to bring this knowledge and awareness in an easily accessible way to the regional communities that often miss out on these types of services. While the experiences gained have come from a corporate environment, it must be remembered that at the end of the day, we are all individuals that have greatness within us.

grief recovery and coaching: a personal story

Amanda experienced losing several people in her family in very quick succession and came to understand the highly individual and personal experience that grieving is. Having undertaken some research into changing her life, she received some coaching assistance. Through this she developed a passion to share and provide others with the same opportunity to heal and cope better with their day to day experiences. 


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