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Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee

Life Coach

Mobile + 61 430 322 306


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Amanda Lee has enormous energy and enthusiasm to motivate and challenge people to be stretched outside their comfort zone - with amazing personal and organisational results! Her primary areas of focus include grief recovery coaching, confidence coaching, spiritual awakening and meditation coaching. 

Amanda has worked as a business development and marketing manager in professional services organisations for nearly 20 years and during that time developed a passion for understanding and positively transforming behaviour. Amanda also helps with pitch coaching, workshops, executive coaching, learning & development and public speaking.

Amanda’s professional qualifications include a Degree in Communications (Monash University) with a major in public relations and an Associate Diploma in Business Marketing. Amanda also has a Certificate IV in Life Coaching with Australia’s recognised leading Coaching organisation - The Coaching Institute and has completed her Reiki Level 2 and Kahuna Massage Level 3. 

Having personally experienced a number of significant losses in a short time frame, Amanda was determined to help those in the same way she received help - through coaching.

I found that traditional grief counselling methods did not work for me - I was too good at pretending to be ok, when really, I was falling apart. I always thought, if only they'd asked me a couple more questions, then they'd really know. I was lucky enough to receive some coaching to help me with my grief. I felt it moved me forward at least 6-12 months. Then I realised - there must be a lot of other people out there like me that have trouble asking for help; coaching is for them. I want to help people in the same way I've been helped.

Amanda loves being an individual life coach and working as a team with clients that are wanting to experience the exhilaration of playing life at 100%!

Christian Ryan

Financial Coach

Phone +61 3 9270 9170

Fax +61 3 8080 5983


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Christian has over 8 years experience in the financial services industry. Before founding Beulah Capital, Christian’s experience in personal wealth creation has evolved from his career in financial services, superannuation and private client advisory services.

In addition to investment markets and portfolio construction, Christian has a thorough understanding of superannuation, investment/business structuring, tax planning and accounting. His diverse experience includes being an investment advisor and financial planner with a private investment advisory practice, a business consultant advising SME clients on their business operations and a position in private banking whereupon he advised clients on investment and wealth creation strategies.