Numerology is the science of numbers. The system used by Blaze Coaching was developed by Pythagoras in 6th century B.C in Greece. St Augustine of Hippo wrote:

"Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth."

In life, scientists, behaviourists and truth seekers have looked for numerical relationships, patterns and blueprints to explain, what we see with the eye and feel with our intuition, to contain a universal truth.

Numerology profile is profilic across the internet with various options to include your name (or not) and your date of birth. These computer generated options, whilst providing much insight,do not truly reflect the blend of your core energies and the influence of karma. 

A Numerology Profile is like a reading your Life Story - it is laid out before you and can help unveil:

  • Your true purpose in life, what you came to achieve
  • Your ideal love partner
  • Your ideal vocation or career
  • Your strengths and challenges
  • Karmic issues you may need to face and overcome
  • What will make you feel most fulfilled throughout different periods in your life
  • Why what happened in your past, happened
  • How to tap into your strenghts to get the best out of each year
  • Warnings about behaviour

Our profiles are hand crafted, blending all your core energies with your maturity, achievement and attainment numbers. They make wonderful gifts for:

1. Parents of newborns

2. Partners

3. Godchildren - godparents

4. Adult children

5. Yourself!

To order your $90 Numerology Profile, please click here.

You will receive a hard and soft copy of the 20-25 page profile.