Full Moon Meditation

Understanding how to tap into ALL the universal energy surrounding us, and using this energy to our advantage makes sense. Everyone can access it, it flows around us all the time.

One easy and special way to do this is with our Full Moon Meditation nights.


What's involved?

We develop a tailored guided meditation each month designed to help you:

  • Tap into the timing of the zodiac for that moon
  • Use the energy of a full moon to help propel you in areas you want to imporve
  • Access your subconscious mind to seek answers you have been looking for
  • Acknowledge nature and it's surrounds and how you are part of it using Native American energy
  • Reconnect to something bigger than yourself that resides within you


Ideal for Beginners and Experienced 

Timing | 7.15pm for an 7.30pm* start, concludes 8.30pm

Cost | only $20. Places are limited, so booking is essential.

Register for the dates you wish to attend.

*this is through Autumn & Winter and reverts to 8.30pm upon daylight savings EST change.


The Full Moon timing and placement for 2015:

  • Thursday July 2* & Friday 31 July, Capricorn and Aquarius (Blue Moon) REGISTER NOW!
  • Friday August 30, Aquarius/Pisces
  • Monday September 28*, Aries
  • Tuesday October 27, Aries/Taurus
  • Thursday November 26, Taurus/Gemini
  • Friday December 25*, Gemini/Cancer

*There will be no meditation on this date.

Please note, this is not a 'ceremony', but a meditation. 

The dates are based on Melbourne, Victoria, Australian EST for full moon appearances.