Corporate Training, Learning & Development

"Unlike other leadership development coaches that work to a standard and inflexible agenda, Amanda's approach is much more personal. Amanda provides the framework and guidance such that the sessions naturally evolve through interaction and participation. Be warned however, you will be challenged by Amanda but in a way that allows you to learn and grow beyond your comfort zone."

Darren Bates, Tax Adviser

"Over the past 5 years, Amanda delivered our firm’s national branding and networking messages to National Learning & Development participants from all over the BDO network. Amanda’s session is always a highlight of these conferences, with participants discussing content long after the session is finished.

There is no doubt this is because Amanda brings an energetic and entertaining approach to the topic, challenging participants to think for themselves, and actively participate in learning experiences. Amanda’s flexible approach means that participants always leave, knowing what they came to learn."

Daryl Watson, Former National Learning & Development Manager BDO (NSW-VIC) Pty Ltd (2007 - 2011)

"Amanda delivered an exceptionally informative and engaging training session as part of our team conference. Everyone was encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and discover their potential in new and innovative ways.

The enthusiasm, humour and range of resources she used really added for a dynamic session. She really understood our challenges and was able to offer fresh insights and perspectives. Following this, it’s been great that so many people have implemented some of her suggestions and techniques, both in a professional or personal aspect – we look forward to continuing to work with Amanda!”

Kathy Craven, Senior Business Development Officer, Medicare Australia

"Loved every moment I've had within this course. Learnt a lot from Amanda, amazing trainer. She knows how to connect to people with great effectiveness. I now feel a lot more confident within my own person and my communication skills."

Ryan, 21, Victoria, Adecco Training

"Amanda is a FANTASTIC presenter. She is very thorough and knows her material very well. Her communication is clear, concise and very easy for people to understand the presentation. She is very confident and makes everyone else feel confident and comfortable!"

Christine, 22, Victoria, Adecco Training

"Superbly engaged everyone of us and inspired us, especially to be the best we can be for the next steps in our employment."

Bruce, 51, Victoria, Adecco Training

"Amanda did an excellent job teaching the material and skills needed. I learnt a lot from her."

Carmen, 25, Victoria, Adecco Training

"Amanda was motivational, helpful and kept me captivated."

Leonie, 27, Victoria, Adecco Training

"There is never too much of a good thing! Thanks Amanda."

Boris, 47, Victoria, Adecco Training 

"Inspirational teacher. Excellent teaching technique."

Saveang, 20, Victoria, Adecco Training

"Great sense of humour to teach us. Excellent motivator."

Winnie, 26, Victoria, Adecco Training  

"Presentation was great for those 3 days. Amanda is a fantastic and engaging person."

Andrew, 21, Victoria, Adecco Training

"Amanda is a perfect teacher, who gave me very important information on how to best present myself and feel confident. Great attitude."

Sotiria, 43, Victoria, Adecco Training

"Amanda is an outstanding facilitator, who did a great job of winging it and engaging every member of the group. She also has an excellcent grasp of each persons strengths and weaknesses."

Athy, 42, Victoria, Adecco Training


Damien, 34, Victoria, Adecco Training