Thank you to some of our clients for sharing their thoughts about our Workshops 

"I feel refreshed, I want to take more note of how colour will affect me/moods and others. I believe using colour therapy in my life will help distinguishing different people and characteristics. The colour healing and colour meditation and the painting was meditative too, really worked for me. I believe healing works - I'll be back! 

Marg, Carrum, Colour Your Life Workshop Level 1

"Everything worked for me! Loved the hands on healing and painting at the end. Talking throughout - excellent. I wouldn't change anything. I felt excited and ready at the beginning and relaxed, calm and happy when I finished. I believe this is meant to be!! and now I can help others with colour :) - Loved the experience!!

Brylie, Frankston, Colour Your Life Workshop Level 1

"The LOA workshops are amazing. I love how each session is so relaxed and fun. I fel how far I have come within myself. Thank you xx. I loved the relaxed and open environment, being able to share stories and relate it all to waht we have learnt. I felt hopeful and optimistic when I started and now I'm passionate and excited. I believe I am successful. Anything I desire I will allow into my life!"

Michelle, Cranbourne - Law of Attraction Workshop Level 3

"I was really excited at what was about to be learned. At the end I felt really happy with what was covered so that I can put into my actual life experience. I believe now that I own my life and The Universe is my Manager. I believe I can change my negative thoughts with positive. I believe my imagination helps me to feel. Love all that was covered and the interaction of others. And that there were times to close eyes and listen and times to laugh and times to feel proud of who I am."

Kathleen, Benalla - Law of Attraction Workshop Level 3

"I feel full of positive expectation, ready to creat my reality like a 'physical fiend!'. I am the creator of my life experiences. How I feel and what I believe about what I desire is what experience I will have of it. Overall, FANTASTIC! Loved every little bit, but especially loved the 'I feel good' part because I certainly do feel good now! I wish there was more!!!

Anon - Law of Attraction Workshop Level 3 

"I felt excited at the start and now I'm finished I'm inspired. I am excited at all the potential. I believe it's all easy now. I absolutely loved this workshop and loved the group discussion. I am so inspired and thankful for this opporutnity. So much knowledge and lessons to expand on. Thank you x. "

Michelle, Cranbourne, Law of Attraction Workshop Level 2

"I believe that if I ask and believe, the Universe will give me what I ask for, then all I have to do is allow what I asked for and I can do this over and over and over and over! I love the way the course is presented and enjoy participating (and enjoyed the soup for lunch). I'm glad I am encouraged to share my thoughts. What worked well for me was The Book of Positive Aspects, Scripting, Which Thought Feels Better? and The Purse Process. I feel so enthusiastic about my life to come!"

Kathleen, Benalla, Law of Attraction Workshop Level 2

"I felt tired when I started and finished full of energy! I loved reconnecting with things I had forgotten. The meditations and painting were great. It has sparked my interest in it all again and to go back and read my reiki books to use again in my life. It was lots of fun, relaxed and very informative."

Kellie, Vermont South, Colour Your Life Workshop Level 1

"I felt a bit nervous of the unkown, but so much more intrigued to learn. Now I'm finished, I feel amazing! So much insight, feel challenged to learn and study ALL animals as well as my totem. Loved working and understanding more about the animals and the meanings - it all worked well!! Amazing work Amanda, really loved this workshop."

Chantelle, Seaford, Animal Totem Workshop

"I was a bit nervous, apprehensive, but also looking forward to it. The meditation worked! Felt at peace, relaxed. I feel calm now, a sense of relief and understanding and "ooohhhh WOW!". Enjoyed it!! Loved it!!

Marg, Carrum, Animal Totem Workshop

"I feel great. I feel I could fly high and achieve a lot of things I have put off. I now believe that using the Law of Attraction that nothing is impossible when you believe. Great Workshop, I have a different point of view."

Jan, Cranbourne, Law of Attraction Level 1

"Thanks for the awesome Workshop, really enjoyed it. I believe I CAN do it! You just need to believe it's coming and trust in the Universe. I feel great, thanks so much. I'm feeling more positive and confident in getting what I want in life."

Marie, Pakenham, Law of Attraction Level 1

"I feel like I can co-create my life. I believe that the Law of Attraction is all there for us to use in any way we wish. I thought this course was dynamic and full of good tools and very much fun. Thanks Amanda for such a practical and inspired Workshop!"

Louise, Cranbourne, Law of Attraction Level 1

"What worked well was understanding how my emotions have guided me in my journey so far and how I can harness them to have my best life. I feel AMAZING! Ready to take over the world. Ready to leave my desires with the Universe and to intend my desires into reality. I now believe the Law of Attraction is easy! Much easier than I have let it be and I am on the right path to having all my desires. Fantastic Workshop. Wonderful lunch and catering and I can't wait to put all my new learning into practice! Can't wait for Level 2 as well! Thank you!

Anon, Melbourne, Law of Attraction Level 1

"Having a different theme each week, using cards, cyrstals, info on the whiteboard, movement, words with special meanings - Aloha!, worked really well for me. I really liked having a small group. When I began I felt lost, disconnected to myself, like I was on a rollercoaster, out of control. Now I feel I can be in charge. That I have the tools to help me stay on the track I like. I now believe I can cope with grief, that it doesn't have to control me into depression. I loved these Christmas Grief Workshops - Amanda, THANKYOU!!!"

Louise, 53, Lynbrook, Christmas Grief Preparation Workshop 2014

"I found it all worked for me. It was very interesting and all the handouts were great. I wouldn't change a thing - I was so happy to come every week. At the start I was feeling a bit lost. I now feel that I can cope with things better. I've learned that it has everything to do with your own thinking! The Christmas Grief Workshops were fantastic and I would recomend them to anyone."

Jan, 54, Lynbrook, Christmas Grief Preparation Workshop 2014

"For myself, the Life Coaching aspects were great - Grief & Gratefulness. New movement helped me too. I can see that it helps to be open minded to how the mind can work in a positive way. With movement, I can change my mindset for the better and help myself in everyday life.

At the start I felt a little unsure if I fitted in, exercise wise, I was less confident within myself. But now I feel I have the power to make new decisions and I know I CAN change my inner thoughts differently and feel confident and happier within myself. I learned that through the Story Telling techniques I can reverse the way I explain myself about losing my mother. I can create memories in a positive way to help me cope better.

Blaze Coaching is positive and gives me different ways on how to cope better with my grief. Thank you Amanda."

Angela, 49, Cranbourne, Christmas Grief Preparation Workshop 2014