"Amanda, muchas gracias again for the reading today! We are still digesting and mulling. If anybody is interested in doing a tarot reading to kick off the new year, this is your lady. I take these things with a grain of salt as much as the next person but this was an experience of brilliance." 

Sharon, 30, Melbourne

"Amanda's tarot card reading really hit the nail on the head for me. All of my worries and concerns were addressed in my session and a vision and path for my future was made clear.

Since my reading, many of the predictions have surfaced and being prepared for them has been a god sent.

I highly recommend Blaze Coaching. Amanda made me feel very comfortable and safe."

Ashleigh, 23, Cranbourne

"Amanda is amazing with her understanding and interpretation of the cards and how they flow and connect. Highly recommend her, which I have to a few people and they were blown away as well. Absolutely mind-blowing on how accurate the cards fell and read. She was insightful and extremely helpful in understanding more clearly things about and around me. Best reading I have ever had."

Wendy, 49, Cranbourne