Pitch Coaching, Tenders & Proposals

With more than 15 years experience of successfully helping firms win work through tenders and proposals, you've come to the right place for the help you need.

Our experience ensures you get the core of what you need, without all the fluff. The refinement that has occured over all these years can now be passed onto you and your team.

If you are struggling to win work through tenders because:

  • You haven't received detailed feedback and aren't clear about where you need to improve
  • You don't have clear acceptance procedures around which tenders are viable
  • You don't have an overarching business development growth strategy
  • Your brand messaging is inconsistent, weak or non-existent
  • You are trying to be all things to all people
  • You don't have a dedicated team to provide a polished product
  • You have more text than you know what to do with
  • You are expecting professional people to sell without teaching them how to

...then we can help with our 3 stage process.


Stage 1 - See where you're at

We will work with you to:

  • Complete a Business Development Audit, which will cover:
  • Your BD strategy
  • Your tender process
  • Your document management
  • Your pitch coaching process
  • Your follow-up after the win/loss
  • Undertake a full review of your best and worst tender submissions - including Government tenders and private enterprise for strength and weaknesses
  • Assess your brand strength in your written and oral submissions
  • Determine the skills of your 'sales' team that are included in the pitch and if they require upskilling
  • Review your value propositions and how these are developed

Stage 2 - walk you through a live one
Where required, we will:

  • Develop new methods, processes and structure to enhance and grow your business development program
  • Work with you to write several of your key tender submissions and walk you through the process on a live prospect. Then we will follow-up the win/loss and get the feedback you need!
  • Prepare the fundamental sections of tenders that are required regularly
  • Create easy to use templates that ensure your brand is consistently represented cleanly and clearly
  • Formalise your BD strategy one a page (no folders that sit on shelves or shut away in desks!)

Stage 3 - train and coach on new skills for long-lasting results

  • Communicate your BD strategy and tender process internally
  • Train your senior team members on the art of tender writing; how to determine a unique selling proposition for each tender, how to write a winning executive summary, how to present fee options that clients find appealing, how to write to show you can add value.
  • Pitch coaching - learn how to sell yourself, your organisation, your skills, your colleagues and the services you are pitching for
  • Work with your best 'sales' people to help them mentor others

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Pitch Coaching

We will work with you and your team to prepare you for the pitch you really want to win!

We can help you at any stage:

  • through the tender process
  • once you have submitted your tender/proposal
  • once you've been advised of an interview

We will work with you to:

  • determine who needs to attend the interview
  • the strategy for the interview - who leads, which messages are most important, how to interact seamlessly, how to present key parts of your tender, which questions to ask and how to handle difficult questions and most importantly, how to sell your organisation and your people.
  • determine the physical and visual side of the presentation and what props are suitable
  • rehearse, rehearse and rehearse
  • debrief following the interview
  • provide any feedback through the process to your team to help people improve for your next opportunity.

We understand the urgency and quick turnaround often required for preparing for interviews - so please call us today if you need some assistance to get this win over the line - 0430 322 306!