Corporate Partnership

Blaze Coaching is a proud corporate partner of beyondblue
As we all know, how we think largely determines how we feel. This can impact our ability to experience life in an empowering way.

Sometimes when we’re searching for mental wellness, we may have to overcome a mental illness first.

This is why Blaze Coaching proudly supports beyondblue – the national depression initiative.

Their mission is to provide a national focus and community leadership to increase the capacity of the broader Australian community to prevent depression and respond effectively.

They aim to build a society that understands and responds to the personal and social impact of depression, works actively to prevent it, and improves the quality of life for everyone affected.

Principles for action

  • Respect for human rights and dignity
  • Strong community involvement, understanding and support
  • A population health approach
  • Recognition of diversity and special needs
  • A co-ordinated and collaborative approach
  • An evidence-based approach
  • Sustainable action